Austin Video Production Company - Matthew and Company
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Austin Video Production Company

Matthew and Company is your Austin Video Production Company with offices in Austin, TX & Washington DC, producing TV Commercials, Corporate Videos, Branded Content & Web Videos.

Matthew and Company

“Demo Reel”

The Matthew and Company Demo Reel should give viewers a really nice look at just what our team is capable of producing. While Matt Trub is usually our Director/Director of Photography, he also has a keen eye for lighting and editing. All of the images you will see in this video production demo reel have his signature on them in some way. The next element in producing these wonderful images is the ability to bring just the right production crew together. From aerial coordination to ground crew coordination, it is very important to have the most experienced team at your side, a team you can trust.

Introducing Dell Technologies

“Corporate Video”

With offices in the Austin and Washington DC Metro areas, Matthew and Company has worked with some of the largest corporations in the United States, Mexico and Europe to create dynamic video corporate reports, promotional web videos and inspirational team building videos. Whether it’s an interview, product promotion, B2B video, streaming live video or multi-camera events you need, MAC gets it done on time and within budget.

Christianson Plumbing

“Latrine Troubles”

Matthew and Company specializes in film and HD video production. Television commercials, branded content, broadcast programming, Reality TV and PBS Documentaries make up a large part of what we create. We focus on creating TV commercials and programs that are more than just great…they tell stories and produce results for our clients.

A More Beautiful Barn

“Craig and Nancy”

The MōVI 3-axis stabilized camera gimbal is so advanced it redefines the possibilities for camera movement. This versatile technology allows flexible handheld camera shots replacing Steadicam applications and solid aerial filming from a UAV/Drone. The MōVI can handle just about any camera from the RED Dragon to a Canon 5D Mark III and can be converted from handheld to aerial in minutes.

Aerial Cinematography


In conjunction with our affiliate HDaerial, we provide two different types of aerial cinematography. The first is a high altitude manned helicopter using gyro stabilized camera systems like Cineflex, Gyron and Tyler. The second is a gyro stabilized low altitude unmanned Octocopter or eight bladed UAV/Drone. These production tools will provide a perspective you were unable to obtain before.