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Multi Camera Ground Air Video

When you think of Rolls Royce, you typically think of a really nice car. Well, this job took us out to Tucson, AZ and it wasn’t a car we were shooting. This was a multi camera ground air video production. We were hired by Rolls Royce to film the new Trent 1000 engine going through some of its testing paces. This engine is now considered the most reliable engine on the new 787 airplanes.

This 4 camera video shoot; 2 cameras on the ground covering take-offs and landings, 1 camera in a fixed wing jet flying along the side of the Trent 1000 engine and 1 camera mounted in a Cineflex V-14 on the nose of a Eurocopter AStar 350 B2 kept us busy for 3 days capturing all the footage we could of this incredible new engine technology.

This multi camera ground air video production took some coordination so we took Matt as Director of all Photography and aerial cinematograper, Richard Trub as Camera Operator on camera 1, we hired Holly Romero, a local Camera Operator to run ground camera 2, Mark McKenna as Camera Operator 3 in the Citation Jet, Steven Meckler as Still Photograper and Kay Trub as Producer on the project. Ground and aerial coordination are essential on jobs like this one. We had 3 aircrafts in the air at the same time to capture the air to air shots and camera operators on the ground. This particular shoot took place over the Tucson, AZ airport so cooperation from the FAA was also an integral part of the success of this project.

We have over twenty years of experience with ground, aerial photography and aerial cinematography. Our team is the best at coordinating all facets of production to safely capture the images your project requires. We will use the best cameras for ground shots and use the best gyro-stabilized solutions for aerial filming. We will also bring together the very best production crew in your market to accomplish the job. Contact us today toll free at 1-800-897-7637 for a free consult on your next project.

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