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Food and Beverage TV Commercial Production Company

When it comes to food and beverage TV commercials for either television broadcast or the web, Matthew and Company provides some of the best talent in the industry. From special effects to food stylists, we produce savory results.

Whether it’s a kitchen scene or an organic chicken grower, grocery store chain, food distributor or a restaurant, MAC’s location manager will find the right home, farm or we will build-out our own in-house kitchen perfectly suited to your production.

The food and beverage tabletop production industry is unique and requires a company that is quick to react to your needs and take a proactive approach when new ideas are needed. MAC will work with you from developing a concept, script writing, budgeting, logistics, and finding talent. It takes a team with the knowledge and experience to create beautiful, appetizing food.

Bringing the right crew together for your food advertising project is important. We have access to some of the most talented people in our area. So finding the right Producer, Director, Director of Photography, Gaffer, Sound Operator, Food Stylist, Set Dresser, Still Photographer, Special Effects Technician and Talent are essential. Pre-production planning and scheduling are essential to successful food beverage TV commercials, so timing is everything!

food and beverage video production

Montana Mike's Steakhouse

Table Top Food commercial

American Heart Chicken Noodle

Excellent Selection of Props

Excellent Selection of Props

The proper tools are also essential. Besides selecting the right camera, lighting and gear package for each production, choosing the right set props, location and kitchen set are important. MAC owns one of the largest selections of napkins and table coverings for still photography sets as well as our own kitchen set. It has a working sink, four burner gas stove top and plenty of working cabinet space. Our kitchen set is portable so it can be set up just about anywhere.

Kitchen Set for food production

Portable Kitchen Set

Our food and beverage production includes work for the American Heart Association “Simple Cooking with Heart” recipe series. Over the years, we produced over 80 recipes and 20 skill videos. These videos and still images were produced for the Simple Cooking with Heart website. Other companies we have worked with include Sirloin Stockade, Montana Mike’s, Texas Steak Express, Coyote Cafe, Garcia’s, Mamacitas, Silver and Stone Restaurant and Shaun Foods.