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Aerial Documentary

Sperm Whale Documentary NHK Japan

There is nothing more beautiful and awe inspiring than seeing Sperm whales in their natural habitat. In the Spring of 2014, Matthew and Company’s affiliate, HDaerial Inc. was contracted by Justin Akiyama, Producer for Chiyoda Raft Production of Tokyo, Japan to do aerial filming of Sperm Whales in Dominica Commonwealth. Chiyoda Raft Production faced the task of shooting an aerial documentary to air on NHK Japan of these beautiful creatures interacting with humans swimming alongside them. The production team consisted of a camera crew, an underwater camera operator and our Unmanned Aerial Vehicle UAV crew. All of the aerial footage was captured from HDaerial’s UAV Heavy Lift Octocopter with a MōVI M10 gimbal. The UAV/drone takeoffs and landings were from the deck of a sixty foot catamaran with swells between one and three feet. Over a 3 day period of time, we did approximately 30 lifts. Here is just some of the great footage we acquired with the UAV/drone. While shooting from the deck of a boat made takeoffs and landings a little more interesting, the location allowed us to capture some really spectacular moments of the whales leisurely swimming with their human counterpart. The UAV/drone allowed us capture aerials of this event in a way that a large manned helicopter would not have allowed. A manned helicopter operation would not have allowed the flexibility to wait and find the whales as they surfaced for air. Coordinating with our swimmer and the whales would have also added another element of difficulty. HDaerial’s UAV Heavy Lift Octocopter with a MōVI M10 gimbal was able to provide the necessary flexibility and ease of timing to capture precious moments of beautiful Sperm whales swimming with humans. The UAV Heavy Lift Octocopter with a MōVI M10 gimbal makes aerial shots much more affordable. For more information regarding our UAV call 800.897.7637.


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