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Air To Air Aerial

Matthew and Company, in conjunction with our aerial cinematography affiliate, HDaerial, was responsible for the dynamic images used in this television commercial aired in the Indianapolis market. We handled the air to air aerial co-ordination and safety between helicopters and coordinated with the FAA. These images were captured with the Cineflex Elite using the Alexa camera. This is a light weight, 5 axis gyro stabilized camera system with the Alex camera mounted in it which can capture up to 6k imagery. This combination produces beautiful and amazingly stable aerial images. WTHR TV News used these images to produce a TV commercial promoting their acquisition of a Cineflex gyro stabilized aerial camera system for their use in covering the news in their market. The Cineflex Elite is a super stable platform that always produces the images you are after especially with an expert camera operator like our in house aerial camera operator, Matt Trub. He brings years of experience and always has an eye for the dramatic or unique shots you are looking for to make your aerial project stand out from every other project on television or on the web. Producing aerial images for WTHR’s TV News promotional bumper was an aerial cinematographer’s delight. Nothing like one Bell 407 chasing another Bell 407 in the sky’s over Indianapolis at sunset.


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