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American Heart Association Cooking Series

The American Heart Association’s Simple Cooking with Heart” cooking series campaign is designed to help individuals of all ages eat and live a healthier lifestyle. The goal is to prove that eating healthy can still taste good and the food can be fun to prepare. Matthew and Company was brought on board as food and beverage video production specialists to produce a cooking series of eighty 3-5 minute healthy recipes and twenty 5-7 minute cooking skill videos which would be posted on their website. American Heart provided the recipes. MAC scouted the talent and the location. We provided the pre-production logistics, our crew, the cameras, lighting, sound and teleprompter to create these videos. We also used our kitchen set. We painted it a different color and changed the way the cabinets look to give us a some variety from the videos we created the previous year. Our kitchen set is portable so we can set it up anywhere to give us the look and feel we need. All the footage was shot with the Canon C500, edited in Premier and graphics were designed in house.

Tabletop Food Video Production

A food video production on a set is very specialized. To create an effective cooking series it was essential that we have the right crew in place. We have access to some of the most talented people in our area so doing that was easy. Our in house team, Kay Trub as Producer, Matt Trub as Director and Director of Photography, Homer Martin as Assistant Camera and Gaffer, and Richard Trub as our Digital Image Transfer specialist was a great start. Food Stylist, Set Dresser, Still Photographer and Food Special Effects Technician were also key to the success of our cooking series. Pre-production planning and scheduling are essential to a successful food and beverage production. Because it is food that we are shooting, it is important that when each dish is complete the rest of the cast and crew are ready to go. Timing is everything!




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