Riata Ford Car Commercials - Matthew and Company
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Riata Ford “A Trusted Guide”

Car Commercials

There are car commercials and then there are car commercials and Matthew and Company has produced a lot of car commercials. In fact, we have produced everything from the local “Sunday….Sunday Sale!” type commercials all the way to producing regional commercials for Cadillac, Pontiac and Oldsmobile. But when given the opportunity, Matthew and Company typically takes the approach that most television viewers would like to see more of the car they are thinking about buying and less of the silliness that make up most of the car commercials on TV today. The advertising agency for Riata Ford gave us that opportunity. They asked us to come up with a television commercial that would have a greater appeal to a younger demographic, show the cars and draw them into the dealership. MAC worked with the agency on concept, applied our script writing skills, put the production team together, identified the right camera and lighting package to use, edited the commercial in our edit suit using Premier Pro and created the animated logo. This thirty second TV commercial was used in the Austin, Texas market. It provided a new look and feel for Riata Ford in the Austin market which yielded a great return. This is why we put so much production value into each commercial and broadcast program we produce. We used original footage captured by our experienced production crew. When needed we add national or regional running footage provided by the dealers. We develop engaging motion graphics and apply creative cutting edge editing techniques to create a story that is specific to your marketing needs. Our years of experience and knowledge in creating a car commercial will definitely pay off for you. You don’t need to yell or act silly to reach your most valuable clients.


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