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Stik Boats

Video Production for Stik Boats Completed by Matthew and Company


Several years ago, the three of us, all avid shallow water fishermen, came together to create a boat that would allow us to fish in the shallowest and most protected waters, where the fish love to hang out. In May of 2016, we launched our first model of the Stik Boat. It floats in 3 inches of water. It is powered by a 17.5 hp, four – stroke jet propulsion engine. It is controlled by a simple joy stick. It is a super stable platform for fishing. It has ample cold storage and dry storage. It is extremely simple to maintain. Easy to transport. And all this provides what we call the “Stik Experience”. We are now ready to get a Stik Boat in your hands and get your feedback on the overall Stik Experience.


Our Client Stik Boats. Has just launch their funding campaign and offering you great deals on our boats. To show your support and take advantage of these deals click on this link to Kickstarter.

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