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Video Production Demo Reel


Video Production Demo Reel

In the video production industry, technology rules! Cameras, video production demo reel Interview with Tony Parker - Spursediting software and tools of our trade in general are always changing for the better. There is one thing though that still remains the same from days gone by…The Production Company Demo Reel. People who may be interested in using your talent still want to take a look at your “Production Company Demo Reel” and that is what this page is all about. The Matthew and Company Demo Reel should give viewers a really nice look at just what our team is capable of producing. While Matt Trub is usually our Director/Director of Photography, he also has a keen eye for lighting and editing. All of the images you will see in this video production Company demo reel have his signature on them in some way. The next element in producing these wonderful images is the ability to bring just the right production crew together. From aerial coordination to ground crew coordination, it is very important to have the most experienced team at your side, a team you can trust.


As you will see, this demo covers just about everything. You will see breathtaking aerials from manned helicopters shot with the Cineflex Ultra, various types of interviews, action, sports, corporate, commercial, event, concert and even aerial drone shots. You will see that Matt is a very versatile camera operator who knows what he is doing and clearly has an eye for the right shots. Regardless of location or situation, the images are consistent, lit well and pleasing to the eye. Matt is the aerial cinematographer for our affiliate company, HDaerial, Inc as well as the aerial cinematographer for our UAV Drone the Octocopter Heavy Lift.


video production demo reel Gandi Movie

If this video production demo reel peaks your interest, there are plenty of other samples of our work on the Portfolio page of our web site. Please feel free to come and check them out. We hope you enjoy this demo and we would like to encourage you to “Like” and “Share” this demo reel with people you think may be interested in our work.


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