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Texas Production Company

Austin video production is what we are all about. So, let us tell you about Matthew and Company. We have over twenty years of experience in creating commercials, high-end corporate, industrial, and web videos. First of all, the key to our success starts with marketing experience and sound creative. Secondly, we set goals and develop strong relationships with each client. We are problem solvers. We are focused on creating effective solutions. Sometimes, whistles and bells are not effective but solid video and film production always works. We understand the effect of impactful digital images mixed with a powerful message. It can mean the difference between achieving your goals and just adding another expense to your bottom line.

Texas Production Company

Video Production Austin Texas

With the technology industry booming in the Austin video and film production market, we have had the opportunity to work with Dell EMC, IBM, Texas Instruments, and Samsung. Texas is also home to many major corporations. We have produced Corporate videos for EXXON/Mobile, Mercedes, Jaguar, Land Rover, Phillips 66, General Motors, Rolls Royce, American Heart Association, and L3 Technologies. Our experience creating corporate video productions is vast. As you can see, we have worked with some of the largest corporations in Texas and the United States.


Our corporate headquarters are located in nearby Georgetown, TX. With locations in both Austin and Georgetown, we are located approximately two hours from every major market in Texas. We work each of these markets; Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio as local. We are the go to Texas production company for your project. Our central location places us right in the middle of the United States giving us easy access to the rest of the country.


To view samples of our work, go to our video demo reel page. Give us a call at 800.879.7637or go to our contact us page and let us help you with your project.

Corporate Office

241 Landons Way
Georgetown, Texas 78633
Office: 512 930 0008
Toll Free: 800 897 7637