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aerial cinematography

Aerial Cinematography

Aerial footage always provides the most dynamic perspective in every video production. And we do aerial filming really well. We have been providing aerial images for our clients for over 20 years.  We started with gyro stabilized mounts for manned helicopters like Cineflex, Gyron and Tyler. The only way to obtain some aerial video is with these systems mounted on a manned helicopter.  Good examples of these projects are the Odfjell corporate video and the De Lage Landen promotional video .  Another type of manned aerial cinematography is air to air. This type of aerial filming requires very precise coordination between both of the helicopters or helicopter and airplane. The WTHR 30 second TV commercial was helicopter to helicopter and the Rolls Royce promotional video was coordination between helicopter, airplane and ground video crew.

UAV Drone Video

A UAV drone is better at capturing some aerials images. Our Inspire 2 does an incredible job. The awe inspiring images of Sperm Whales off the coast of the Dominica Commonwealth, is a perfect example of aerial footage that could only be captured by a UAV drone.  Drone video allows you get up close and personal.  Also, it allows you to capture images at altitudes that are too high for a crane and too low for a manned helicopter. The promotional videos we shot for Cargill are a really good example. The MoVI was the hero on the Beautiful Barn series. . It was used on the ground to capture all of the beautiful movement and in the air on our drone to capture all of the awesome aerial images.

Aerial Photography

Aerial photography is also an important part of the services we provide. Sometimes, all you need is a still aerial photograph of your property or project to get the job done.

aerial view of washington dc

Added Production Value

We are big believers in using aerial footage. We use aerial images so often with our clients that we built a separate company. HDaerial, Inc is an affiliate with Matthew and Company. Whether your project needs a manned helicopter or an UAV drone to capture the aerial footage or aerial photography, we are the aerial experts.

Aerial Production