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Trade Up Texas

Media Production Company

As a full service media production company, we develop and deliver your message a little differently. We work very closely with each of our clients. We determine the best way to distribute your message. Second, we bring our creative production team together to develop concept and script. Third, our dynamic production crew then goes to work to execute the plan.


Web videos designed to reach people who are more prone to use social media and respond to videos streamed online rely on stunning digital media. However, digital media is still the main stay of broadcast television.


A good example of someone taking advantage of both television advertising and web videos is a local TV station. This campaign targeted men and women 18-35 yrs. In this particular media campaign six different people were highlighted. We created 30 second TV commercials of each person for social media marketing and broadcast TV.  Additionally, 2-3 minute informational videos were also created to be streamed on demand. The campaign has been very successful and has met or exceeded client expectations.

Trade Up Texas

Web Videos for Crowd Funding

There is a use for web videos in almost every app on the internet.  Therefore, as an experienced media production company, we produce stunning video images that can be used in every one of those applications. One of the most rewarding campaigns we worked on was a crowd funding new product launch. We produced several web videos ranging in length from three minutes to 10 seconds. This media production targeted a very specific demographic…fishermen interested in shallow water fishing.  We were able to target shallow water fishermen along the Gulf coast from Florida to Texas. As a result, It was great to be a vital part of such a successful crowd funding campaign.

Time Lapse Video

Time lapse video is an interesting way to show how some products work or how something in nature reacts. Our media production company is experienced in creating time lapse videos. We have used this technique many times over the years to present a more concise message. For example, we created this short time lapse web video that tells the Smart Way Transport Partnership story. Our responsibilities involved concept, writing, cinematography, directing and post production for United Road.

United Road

Simple & to the Point

Simple and to the point this two and a half minute video promoted their business online. With a small budget we can still produce a concise web video. You don’t always need a large budget to get the message across to your clients or customers. Your message is very important. Therefore we pay close attention to all elements of that message. Then we decide which video production elements and crew will best meet your needs. Sometimes less is more!

Web Videos