Recruitment Videos - Video Testimonials - Video Interviews
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HR Videos

Recruitment videos are just one example of how digital media can be used in your Human Resource Department.  Most people who are looking for a job want to get a feel for the environment in which they will be working and meet some of their co-workers.


Successful recruitment videos usually contain these essential elements. First, it needs to successfully show or highlight the company personality. That can be communicated with the music and b-roll images that are selected. Those images should provide the insight someone may need to make a decision.


video testimonial


Secondly, employee testimonials are extremely valuable.  When current employees are happy with their jobs and are willing to express that in a video interview that is powerful. Those testimonials will give your recruitment videos credibility.  People want to work in places where people are happy.


Thirdly, dynamic graphics can also play a big part in getting your message across in your recruitment videos.  Many times animated 2D graphics are used to deliver some of the details that might otherwise be perceived as too much information.


Tate & Tryon is a great example of our recruitment video production work. . It includes great video testimonials from some of their employees and allows you to get a feel for the company’s personality.  We also produced a corporate promotional video for them as well.

Training Videos and Safety Videos

Training videos and Safety videos are also tools that can be used by your Human Resource department.  Once you have hired your staff, you now need to train them. We have a great technical writer on staff to help with script and concept.


Our team has years of experience producing recruitment videos, training videos and safety videos. We have seen the power of effective digital media used to communicate effectively the message to company employees. If you have an old safety or training video and would like to update it or start over with a new video contact us and we will help you create the perfect video for your company.

Corporate Video Production