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Corporate Video Interviews

The video interview will make or break your promo video or recruiting video. There is a real technique to capturing a great video testimonial. There are several key elements to creating a stunning video interview.


The first key is location. The location you select should be interesting but not distracting. It should also have relevance to the subject that is going to be discussed. If an appropriate location is not available, then the next option is green screen. You either use a portable green screen or you go to a studio that is set up with a green screen wall.

video interviews

The second key is lighting. Proper lighting on video interviews is critical. Basic 3 point lighting can work.  But depending on what you have to work with, additional lighting can also be used to highlight interesting features on the set.


The third key element is the interview. The person who is asking the questions must know how to ask and engage the person being interviewed. Short concise answers are always best.


The fourth key is Post Production. Sometimes people don’t speak in complete sentences.  Sometimes their sentences are too wordy.  They get the point across but they may ramble a bit.  An expert in the edit suite can help to create a concise answer that will make the point that needs to be made.

Corporate Video Interviews Examples

The Corporate video interview is where we shine.  Our approach is to assist you with concept, script, production and editing. Video testimonials are a part of that process. Tate & Tryon is a great example of our corporate video production work. We produced two videos for them. One is a corporate promotional video which includes video interviews and the use of staff talent.  The second one is a recruiting video. It also includes video testimonials from some of their employees.

Corporate Video Production